Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Happened to Summer?! Part I The Remodel

It's taken me forever to learn how to get my pictures on this thing, but here it is... finally. I'll be playing catch up wtih my posts. What happened to summer will probably be a three part blog series. Wish me luck...

Well, it's official, summer is over. I throughly enjoyed every moment of it! I had fun in my yard and flower beds, tried growing bell peppers (not so good), had fun fishing, had a nice vacation, had some remodeling done, got a promotion, started a new job, and oh so much more.

Part I:

The remodel. Posted are some before and after pictures. Our main bath room has now joined the current century. New finishes, nothing faux. I love it. The process was somewhat painful. It took longer and cost more than the estimate but everytime I'm in my little bathroom there is nothing that glares at me... it's done, it's peaceful. Sometimes old bathrooms, no matter how you bleach and scrub them, they just don't look clean. Such was the case with my 70's bathroom and it's many faded faux surfaces. Not so anymore! This bathroom remodel is was a long time coming. Hope you like it.